Secrets to post-launch success

You just installed new marketing automation tools–Adobe analytics, A/B testing, and personalization and you are Image-(221)ready to see your ROI soar. But, the initial results are not what you expected. Now what?

Usually, even with well conceived digital projects, it takes time for ROI to start delivering.

For example, at a Fortune 500 financial services company new platform launch, we were surprised to see just a small initial lift in ROI. But after analysis, we found issues such as buying opportunities being buried too many levels deep. After optimizations and tuning over a period of 6 months, we managed to raise our major KPI by 50%.

How do you quickly reach your dreams of higher returns? The secret is to lay the foundations for success, long before the actual launch:

  1. Create a strategic marketing launch plan (distinct from a general launch plan) with dedicated resources assigned to it
  2. Intelligence is everything: Deploy your analytics to line up against your KPIs, and thoroughly test them before launch so they can help inform you if something goes wrong.

The strategic marketing launch plan

Launch can be stressful, especially if you have a complex ecosystem and a commitment to greater ROI. However, with a strategic marketing launch plan, you can quickly address issues.

Here’s how to create your plan:

  • Focus on your ecosystem’s lifeblood such as your sales funnel
  • Create scenarios of the most likely issues and have mitigation measures decided in advance for every scenario
  • Plan your testing – Determine what will be tested and who will do the testing
  • Establish A/B test protocols in advance, based on priority. For example, for a sales site, start creating optimization testing from the top of the funnel, starting with landing pages, and then proceeding deeper.
  • Establish baselines for all your key measures in advance: sales, conversions, visitors, time on page, SEO ranking etc. With that benchmarked, you’ll know where you stand.
  • Allocate staff – some to measuring and testing, and others to optimization
  • Break down your plan’s activities by hour and by day for the first week of launch, by then day for the fist month.
  • Simplify:
    • If you can, launch your site with fewer bells and whistles. A very complex ecosystem will be harder to dissect. Layer in complexity later, if you can.
    • Throttle down campaigns at first: if you are running campaigns from your new ecosystem, it will make sense to do small tests with limited numbers of your audience until you are certain everything is working.

With a strategic marketing launch plan, you can reduce stress and quickly reap the rewards of your new technology.