Promising event, PegaWORLD 2015 is expected to reveal the way ahead in shaping Digital Enterprises

Establishing customer centric processes is a key business driver for organizations today. Business PEGAWORLD2015_webbannerand IT leaders are increasingly focused on enabling their enterprises to engage their customers – creating avenues for next best interactions, transforming the way in which they engage customers while staying competitive & keeping costs down. Constantly changing customer landscapes, ever changing market demands and increasing costs are some of the challenges being faced by organizations today.

The penetration of social media and the internet across demographics and age groups presents challenges as well as opportunities for enterprises. Customers now demand “Entitled Experiences” with increased ability to voice their opinions and influence perceptions by the means of social media in this digital world. More than ever it is necessary to pay attention to digital influencers in order to understand, predict and construct appropriate response mechanisms to the customers.

It is but, necessary to adopt process driven systems to –

  • Understand the various underlying drivers
  • Analyze the situation real time
  • Evaluate & present appropriate solution(s)
  • And deliver personalized service(s) or offering(s) to the customer

Service protocols have to be context driven, making the customer the key decision maker and ensure consistent experience across multiple channels of interaction.

How is all this possible Real-Time?
Data to right information, to best in class solution, to exemplary execution, to deliver entitled customer experience?

To reimagine a whole new customer experience, one needs to go beyond process standardization and create reusable software assets across the enterprise. Best in class solutions are needed to work with the multitude of information coming in from Big Data & Analytics. Systems need to provide scalable and flexible capabilities to align the business to operations and customer intent.

Digital BPM solutions provide a whole new perspective driven by real-time collaboration and advanced analytics. It is proven that Business Process Management (BPM) enables organizations to achieve quick time to market, meet dynamic customer demands, comply with regulations, and remain process agile. BPM can be the critical glue for orchestrating multiple processes, functions and IT systems, transforming businesses and delivering a compelling, differentiated customer experience.

Many of the organizations have already begun their journeys towards digital transformation truly leveraging One Global BPM solution and managing how and what experiences they want to create.

The upcoming PegaWORLD 2015 Conference, with its impressive agenda seems to be a promising opportunity to listen, share and learn from the experiences of the first movers, who have embraced digital transformation, understand how best to integrate BPM solutions across functions and build truly digital enterprises.

Visiting PegaWORLD? Meet our technology and solution experts at booth # 4 and get insights into the key drivers and challenges associated with digital transformation. And also, get a glimpse of some of the exciting demos on:

  • Customer Engagement Solutions
  • Client Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Insurance Claims, Customer Service Desktop and Underwriting Solutions
  • Telco Order Management solution
  • Pega Test Framework
  • Business Process Competency Center (BPCC)
  • PRPC Upgrade

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Deepthi Ravulakollu

Associate Manager - Business Consultant, BPM Practice, Virtusa. Deepthi, a business & technology consultant with extensive experience in solution development, problem solving, stakeholder management and requirement management. Proven thought leader and business process consultant with history of providing BPM, process re-engineering and product design solutions in multiple disciplines in Banking, Healthcare, and Insurance industries. Skilled communicator with talent of managing / facilitating workshops, multiple stakeholders / expectations, coordinating with project teams and delivering effective solutions.

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