Mobile Device Management (MDM): What if buying a boat was less expensive than renting a yacht?

Mobile enablement is an unavoidable transition in organizations that strive for success. One crucial aspect of mobile enablement is Mobile Device Management (MDM). Despite many vendors providing MDM with clear roadmaps and strategies, depending on your organization and business needs, renting a yacht might not make sense when you can buy a boat for much less!

mdm-1MDM vendors offer a great suite of services – fully equipped yachts. However, this comes at a price, usually a per-month cost per user or device. If all you want is to enjoy a simple fishing trip, in the sense that your requirement is not very complex and fixed, simple might be all you need to get the job done. The best part is that you own it, which means it will cost you less in the long run! Identify your needs, weigh the benefits and decide what type of equipment will best fit your needs.

Regardless of your industrial sector, your needs might be simple and clear cut. For example, if you want to have customer engagement tablets and know exactly what you want on the tablets and what restrictions to impose, then building a customized solution for that purpose will give you huge cost benefits in the long run. This could be a one-time initial investment that can be used throughout your business chain. The best part is that because it is custom made for your business, it can be bound to other services and workflows you might wish to incorporate. For instance, if you have a selected digital framework as the base around your digital strategy, a customized solution enables focused integration specific to your needs.

However, there is another side to the story. If you are not sure about your strategy and requirements, a fully equipped yacht might suit you better since the possibilities can be extended later. You will have monthly costs on a per-device basis, but you will also have access to latest features by keeping operating system APIs up-to-date. A good starting point to selecting candidates would be the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites.

Management of mobile devices has many aspects to it such as integration models, configuration, authentication, application distribution, etc. Policies should be applied on devices appropriately depending on your business and the audiences. For example, devices maybe corporate owned, employee owned or a mix of both. It may be acceptable to do a full wipe on corporate owned devices when an employee leaves the organization. However in the case of employee owned devices, an enterprise wipe (meaning only corporate data will be selectively deleted) makes more sense.

We have not only helped our clients build their own boat that cater to their exact business needs but have also helped them figure out what model of yacht fits their diverse requirements also considering functionality, vision and delivery of MDM vendors.

So, have you decided if your organization needs a boat or a yacht, yet?

Malaka Mahanama

Consultant - Technology, Mobility Practice, Virtusa. Over the years, Malaka has gained expertise in the rapidly growing area of Enterprise Mobile Management and a contributor to Apache Usergrid. At Virtusa, he has developed many mobile applications for key clients using a mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP) and involved in the development and maintenance efforts of the MEAP. While off work, since no apparent super powers were noticed, he spends his time being hypnotized by screens of various sizes.

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  • Nandun Wijesinghe May 12, 2015

    Good read! Luckily “rental companies” nowadays provide boats as well as yatches and an array of options in between. so you also have the option of “renting a boat”. of course as you said which ever decision you make must align with the overall IT strategy of your business. And it all boils down to ROI in terms of cost reductions and/or increase in profits. additional considerations include, maintenance of a boat, running repairs, depreciation etc. whereas the rental companies abstract all of that and take off the risk but of course at a premium.

  • Marina KB September 30, 2015

    Excellent post! It’s really a great blog.

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