At PegaWORLD 2014, the power to change will be on the horizon

It is always pleasant to have something to really look forward to on the business calendar. Such an event is just around the corner for me – Pegasystems’ PegaWORLD2014 Conference – a highlight for anyone interested in Business Process Management (BPM). This year the host city is Washington DC and the three-day event begins on June 8 with the theme: “The power to change”.

There is a growing buzz surrounding the role that BPM can play in making the organization nimble and agile, ensuring scalability of operations and enabling better business empowerment. For any organization, these are key in successfully meeting the challenges and opportunities brought in by the dynamic and demanding business environment – triggered by rapid technology advancements in mobility, digitalization, cloud, social data, big data, crowd sourcing and more. Further, the evolving millennial consumer market is driving a revolution in the way we live and work- through increased digital and mobile adoption. The digital enterprise is now a reality as organizations realize the benefits of embracing these technologies and integrating them with BPM to build and leverage customer-centric processes for transforming their businesses.

PegaWORLD offers a fascinating opportunity to interact, discover new ideas, share experiences and learn best practices with industry experts, technical gurus, customer advocacy representatives, consultants and others, all with one common interest – transformation of the enterprise through strategic use of BPM technology. Game-changing conversations are always a part of this event and I trust that this year will be no different. We will see key leaders emphasizing the challenges of today’s business environment and how millennial technologies and BPM can be together harnessed to make an even more compelling means to achieve business efficiencies and success. As a company with a rich heritage in BPM, we are proud to be part of this thriving community that are at the leading edge of demonstrating the role of emerging technologies and BPM to drive business transformation and innovation. Some of the possibilities how these technologies and BPM can interplay include –

  • The rise of big data and high-speed analytics making it increasingly possible for organizations to enable best practices immediately. Data can be fed into business processes in real time. Using advanced decisioning tools customers can be targeted personally as opposed to a mass approach.
  • Through mobility, processes come to the users ubiquitously – wherever and whenever they choose to conduct business. This linkage with BPM is a game changer in terms of extending the enterprise and customer access.
  • Through the cloud and internet, information is available on demand, and BPM’s integration with them will lead to customer-centric processes which will empower both employees and customers to gain access to information and ensure 24/7 availability.

Some of these instances may be already in implementation in selected organizations, however it will be interesting to discuss new developments and upcoming trends with those I meet at PegaWORLD this year.

What I find fascinating with BPM is its ability to align the business processes of an organization with the needs and desires of its customers. After all, what is the point of achieving excellence in processes if the end result is not meeting the needs of the customer? While it seems like a no-brainer, it is a switch from the old functionally focused, hierarchical approach. It is my belief that BPM, supported by the right technologies, enables the organization to be more efficient and capable for change. That BPM’s potential and its ability to effectively inter-play with new technologies is yet largely untapped by organizations, even though we are seeing business / IT users’ acceptance of BPM’s importance in their operations. Are you enabling your BPM solutions to be a game changer for your enterprise? Is your BPM roadmap aligned to tackle the digital disruption under way?

Having a customer-centric strategy for digital transformation is one thing, but implementing and executing on that strategy demands a new approach to software. What we have found is that the benefits from BPM can be further enhanced by integrating with customer facing technologies, which together will form the basis of a customer-centric, digital enterprise.
The technology behind BPM, in particular Pegasystems, is a real game changer in its ability to integrate and inter-play with the millennial technologies. Given this context, Pegasystem’s PRPC (Pega Rules Process Commander) platform has given organizations real capability in delivering value to their customers. For example, some of the benefits offered by Pega 7 include –

  • Improved end user experience by leveraging new, responsive interfaces that ensure consistent user experiences across desktop, web, mobile and tablet devices
  • Improved scalability giving enterprises opportunity to better scale the capability of applications
  • Increased enterprise deployment readiness by leveraging high availability, increased security and improved reliability and robustness

The theme of the event this year is “the power to change”. The story on BPM’s evolution is still not over. Cut to PegaWORLD 2014, we will see more action – exciting ideas and newer possibilities! I am looking forward to meeting with others in the industry, discussing the latest developments and future trends, and strategizing on how we can drive change through BPM using Pega as the power behind the transformation.

Virtusa is proud to be a platinum sponsor of the event and we look forward to catching up with you at our booth – P1 to share experiences and learn best practices and new techniques.