Quality really did rock and even rolled at Starwest

One of the most fascinating aspects about attending Starwest this year was seeing people from all over the world coming together to discuss quality, not just ‘testing’. I have witnessed this momentum building while interacting with many of the organizations that I work with and was not surprised to see the interest that people have in emerging QA technologies, mobile QA and new tools, etc.

Some of my key takeaways include:

  • Rising focus on mobile QA: With an increasing number of businesses and applications going mobile as a response to changing customer preferences and lifestyles (what we call Millennial adoption), organizations are well aware of the need for a comprehensive QA program for their mobile initiatives. With smart phones and tablets promising unprecedented access and shortening the cycle times for user acceptance (and user unhappiness), businesses are ready to take the wheel and steer to improved usage, sentiment, adoption rates and capability. To achieve this, it is not only important to have an effective mobile QA strategy in place but also to have it integrated with what we have learned in the last 20 years of software quality. mobile QA and new tools, etc.
  • Getting your mobile QA strategy right: As fellow QA practitioners visited our booth, we were more than happy to answer questions pertaining to our experiences with the challenges of mobile application quality and how QA teams can maximize the ROI on mobile investments. However, it was great to see that most visitors wanted to learn more about mobile, irrespective of whether they have a mature QA program or are just thinking about it. This shows how quality is poised to “rock” mobile applications (to keep the Starwest theme going a little longer). It is interesting to note how confusing it is out there for those seeking answers to what seem like simple questions. There are new QA tools out each week and existing vendors are constantly refreshing to keep up with technology. There were many “silver bullet” sellers, but most QA professionals were pragmatic in their approach. QA consumers are slowly getting to know the different vendors offering mobile QA programs and products, and they are very interested to truly learn from what others are doing in the space.
  • Learning from peers: Starwest highlighted the real stars of QA with truly interactive sessions that highlighted success stories of commendable QA engagements and experience. To get to the audience and really understand their questions, worries and to be able to show how we can help them overcome these, all within a limited period of time was when quality really rolled at Starwest.

With everyone eager to share stories and more importantly learn from each other, Starwest proved to be the right platform for organizations to optimize their QA strategies – be it finding new and innovative methodologies, improving the current level of maturity or getting the right resources, especially in the current economic environment.

Of course, we enjoyed having the Guitar giveaway in our booth and congrats to Cristy at CapitalIQ for winning this great trophy of quality!