BPM is a Game Changer – Pegasystem’s PRPC Version 7, the Key Enabler

Before attending the recent Pegasystems’ PegaWORLD 2013 user conference, I asked the simple question: Is Business Process Management (BPM) really changing the game? I personally believe it has, proven by many of the organizations that I work with. Better yet, at PegaWORLD 2013, there was a much broader and greater acknowledgement of how technology is shaping the BPM journey.

We all recognize that today’s business environment is dynamic and demanding. The rapidly evolving millennial consumer market, coupled with the rate at which disruptive technologies are revolutionizing the way we live and work, staying ‘current’ translates to staying ‘alive’ for most organizations. Companies are increasing their focus on adapting their businesses to meet current market challenges through technology enabled BPM. Capturing and encapsulating business rules, processes and situational decision making is enabling organizations to both leverage and optimize their capabilities.

Throughout the two day PegaWORLD event, several organizations shared their stories about how BPM is bringing reality and visible outcomes to strategic and operational shifts to meet today’s demands. Stories describing how operational efficiency has improved by about 20-40% (sometimes even up to 60%!), how organizations are reconnecting with customers, providing improved customer experience and globalizing best practices. Additional stories were told about how organizations are embarking on not just BPM projects but large transformational programs in rapid fashion to differentiate their business and change the game. It was clear that BPM has provided tremendous leverage. BPM has enabled businesses to reposition their ability to meet customer demands and provide customer experiences that positively strengthen relationships and perceptions.  However, the technology behind BPM, in particular Pegasystems, is the real game changer. Pegasystems and their PRPC (Pega Rules Process Commander) platform have given organizations real capability in delivering value to customers.

Pegasystems PRPC is a tremendous platform for organizations to empower their BPM journeys. At the event, businesses shared stories on the ability to capture their business processes (structured and unstructured), rules, decisions, and situational awareness into a platform which in turn enabled them to drive out inefficiencies. At the same time, the platform positions for institutional capability, and the ability to mix and match capability to develop new product offerings and services. One global organization was able to reduce over 700 processes to 50 while reducing errors by 50%. The same company was also able to reduce overall customer complaints by 75% through process simplification and reducing the number of manual steps. As seen by the compelling success stories shared, Pegasystems PRPC is empowering organizations to accelerate their BPM efforts.

Pegasystems shared highlights of their latest version of PRPC, and it is a great step forward. PRPC Version 7 looks to provide increased benefits and capabilities, including:

  1. Improved end user experience by leveraging new, responsive interfaces that ensure consistent user experiences across desktop, web, mobile and tablet devices
  2. Reduced overhead costs
  3. Improved scalability giving enterprises opportunity to better scale the capability of applications
  4. Increased enterprise deployment readiness by leveraging high availability, increased security and improved reliability and robustness
  5. Better business empowerment

The advantages of upgrading to PRPC V7 seem to be many, and it will be important to incorporate it into technology roadmaps. As with any new version of a platform, there will be questions on where to place it within the roadmap and how to approach the upgrade. We have been thinking through these questions and have developed a framework to guide organizations. In addition, we have architected best practice execution strategies to drive and facilitate the upgrades. One strategy is to encourage organizations to setup a development sandbox and work with the new version once available. Why not explore the capabilities as soon as possible?

Given the power of the technology and the opportunity for organizations to leverage technology for BPM, it is imperative for organizations to be in a position to adopt newer platforms without much disruption to their business operations. Is BPM a game changer for you? And is your technology roadmap positioned to provide you leverage in the BPM journey?

Stuart Chandler

Senior Vice President - Digital Process Automation Practice, Virtusa. Stuart has over 18 years of experience in deploying Business Process Management (BPM) solutions in large Financial, Insurance and Healthcare organizations. His focus areas include process optimization and implementing core foundations that enable businesses to transform into agile organizations. Stuart has worked across the globe delivering solutions to Fortune 500 companies and possesses a unique mix of extensive industry knowledge, in-depth technology expertise and cross cultural experience. Stuart has a Resource Economics degree from the University of New Hampshire. He also holds a Masters of Business Administration and Master of Science (MIS) degree from the Boston University. Stuart loves the outdoors and participating in sports including running, playing squash and ice hockey.

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