BPM Trends that Matter Most to Businesses: A Preview of PegaWORLD 2013

We are looking forward to attending Pegasystems’ PegaWORLD 2013 event next week in Orlando! It is sure to be a very interesting and exciting event this year with many organizations sharing their challenges, successes and desires to change the way they do business. Each year, I find it interesting to hear about companies embarking on the BPM journey and how they are using BPM and supporting technologies to transform their business. In today’s world, there is so much disruption from pure technology changes as well as consumers’ behavior and desire to transact business on their terms, that organizations are facing constant pressures to change the way they do business. Executives are challenged with the dilemma of how to position their organizations, not to mention enable their teams to execute.

Over the last few years, we have seen significant changes in BPMSs and platforms with the introduction of mobility, social and Big Data. It wasn’t too long ago that businesses only had the option to automate static processes but now with various technical capabilities, organizations have incorporated dynamic capability into their respective processes. Now, with mobility, processes come to the users where they are and when they want to transact. With Big Data, now processes can get much smarter enabling next best actions instantaneously. Analytics can execute with speed on mounds of data and feed into business processes in real-time thus making BPM a more compelling approach to transforming businesses and achieving accelerated outcomes.

Last year’s PegaWORLD highlighted that BPM success is all about the customer and provided valuable insight on the need to build and leverage customer-centric processes to remain competitive. This time, PegaWORLD will give us all an excellent view into how organizations are utilizing Pegasystems PRPC to enable their BPM initiatives, thereby ensuring success. PRPC has extensive capabilities- a good reason why leading industry analysts have put Pegasystems PRPC in the top echelon of BPMSs for various categories. During PegaWORLD 2013, we will all have the opportunity to see these exciting features first hand and we are sure that Pegasystems will share exciting new capabilities in the upcoming release as well.

We at Virtusa have found PRPC to be a great platform to leverage in solving our clients’ business challenges. Stop by the Virtusa booth #5-2 to learn more about our solutions and offerings that address industry challenges and accelerate business outcomes.

We look forward to seeing everybody at PegaWORLD to converse on the great possibilities of BPM and share success stories of utilizing Pegasystems’ BPM platform- PRPC!

Stuart Chandler

Senior Vice President - Digital Process Automation Practice, Virtusa. Stuart has over 18 years of experience in deploying Business Process Management (BPM) solutions in large Financial, Insurance and Healthcare organizations. His focus areas include process optimization and implementing core foundations that enable businesses to transform into agile organizations. Stuart has worked across the globe delivering solutions to Fortune 500 companies and possesses a unique mix of extensive industry knowledge, in-depth technology expertise and cross cultural experience. Stuart has a Resource Economics degree from the University of New Hampshire. He also holds a Masters of Business Administration and Master of Science (MIS) degree from the Boston University. Stuart loves the outdoors and participating in sports including running, playing squash and ice hockey.

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