Welcome to the Virtusa Blog

Welcome to the new Virtusa blog!  As a leading global provider of advanced IT solutions, our core focus is helping our clients positively impact their businesses through advanced technology systems.  Through this blog we hope to offer our clients, prospects, communities, investors and employees insights into our vision of the way technology can and will transform industries and businesses.

As the global economy recovers we enter an age of unprecedented change.  Technologies such as intelligent mobile devices, high speed internet access, wireless communications, digital content creation and delivery, advanced process management and insightful business intelligence give today’s leading companies a vast array of tools to create new products and services.  Those preparing for the recovery will dominate the landscape.  Those continuing to struggle with yesterday’s recession will remain in the rear-view mirror.

With more assets at its disposal than any time in history, IT is a critical strategic enabler of the road to recovery.  After decades of expansion and contraction it is IT’s responsibility to introduce these new, advanced weapons to the business.  Only through a tight partnership can the entire organization seize the opportunities before it.  Industry leaders know this.  It is steeped in their culture to the point that the blend of technology and business requires no conscious thought or effort.

The Virtusa blog will offer readers our perspective on how companies can evolve to a higher state and blend technologies into their business fabric to become leaders in their industries.  We hope you find our insights valuable and appreciate your readership.