Top questions to ask before beginning a BPM Program

BPM is a hot topic today, for the enterprises who are evaluating BPM as well as for those who have already boarded the train and are implementing BPM. For those who are currently evaluating BPM the challenges are many: business case preparation, technology evaluation, Business-IT alignment and education, architecture and roadmap. Each of these areas not only consumes lengthy cycles of learning curve and evaluation but also introduces failure points. Some common challenges that we have come across are:

1)    What is BPM and how are BPM concepts different from ECM/CRM/ERP?

2)    What is the value for Business vs IT teams?

3)    What are the right applications for BPM in a given industry?

4)    What is the business case and have we identified the key metrics/KPIs for improvement?

5)    What is the role of Business vs IT?

6)    Where to start – what are the right steps?

7)    What is the right BPM methodology?

8)    What is the difference between process excellence and automation?

9)    How do we cut the right scope, keeping the business goals intact?

10) Which is the right BPM technology?

A wrong decision or an incorrect step can create hurdles in future stages.  A methodical approach consisting of BPM education, problem evaluation, technology evaluation and rapid prototyping can accelerate the time to market as well as help in ensuring all lose ends are closed. A key element of this exercise would be to work with a partner who has implemented multiple technologies as well as one who provides a balanced view of multiple technologies in an objective manner.