Next Generation IT Services will take a Lean Approach

The next generation of IT Services will take a new approach to business process improvement and information technology.  The new approach uses Lean principles to deliver more than cost savings – it drives superior business performance through a relentless focus on waste reduction and continuous improvement. Clayton LockeMore Posts

The ECM Hype, Flop & Revival

While much has been written about Enterprise Content Management (ECM) trends that have come to fruition, not much is talked about those hyped technologies that ‘just passed by’. Even though some of them flopped, they may have manifested themselves in other forms and are still gaining success. I think it’s worth understanding how the underlying 

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The Invasion of Social

Virtusa has participated in quite a few conferences lately.  At each one, I noticed a pending mash up of whatever core technology was covered with all things social.  Right now, social looks like the Blob consuming everything in its path. On the one hand, social is terrifying to many IT professionals.  It reeks of teenage 

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BPM Adoption – How to derive extended cost savings?

Recent research has shown that there is a marked increase in the move to outsourcing application development and maintenance of organisational applications. Computer Economics have found that based on an annual survey of 200 IT organisations, there has been a marked decrease in ‘in-house’ IT staff ratios for application programmers and system analysts. It has 

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Application Platform consolidation in ECM is real

The market of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has historically been misunderstood as many vendors, analysts and customers had their own interpretations of what ECM constitutes.  In my opinion, it includes document and web content management that needs to be put through a work flow in order to publish, with up front capturing / scanning and 

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The Mythical Quality of IT

No one likes to be told that they produce poor quality. Each one of us believes that the work we do strikes the right balance between customer needs and time to market, between cost/benefit and right quality. We reassure ourselves that the number of defects in our code is lower than industry standard. But the 

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Welcome to the Virtusa Blog

Welcome to the new Virtusa blog!  As a leading global provider of advanced IT solutions, our core focus is helping our clients positively impact their businesses through advanced technology systems.  Through this blog we hope to offer our clients, prospects, communities, investors and employees insights into our vision of the way technology can and will 

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