Embedding web analytics dynamically : Tool kit framework approach

In continuation to my previous blog that discussed on successful web analytics product selection through a use case, in this blog, I have listed methods to implement web analytics independent of the source code. A typical issue of a solution engineer is such: the implementation of my web analytics tool is embedded in the source 

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Are you Ready to Become a Dynamic Organization? Then its time to Embrace Disruption and Extend BPM across Your Organization!

Last week I was fortunate to be able to moderate a fantastic webinar, “Extending BPM across Your Organization” with some of the world’s best BPM experts, including Michele Cantara, Research VP at Gartner Research and Stuart Chandler, the Worldwide Head of BPM at Virtusa. Between them they have 50 some odd years of BPM experience 

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Welcome to the Virtusa Blog

Welcome to the new Virtusa blog!  As a leading global provider of advanced IT solutions, our core focus is helping our clients positively impact their businesses through advanced technology systems.  Through this blog we hope to offer our clients, prospects, communities, investors and employees insights into our vision of the way technology can and will 

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