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2015 technology trends update: We are a third of the way through, are you staying ahead of the digital disruption?

Digital disruption is here to stay! Couple this with increasing customer expectations, and more power of choice in the consumer’s hand, enterprises today have no choice but to stay ahead of the curve to survive. No doubt, digital transformation is a key buzzword among the C- suites today. Many are still struggling to figure out how 

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CIOs look to reduce technical debt to scale up productivity

How to create value for businesses at a time when labour arbitrage in the outsourcing industry has plummeted? That is the challenge CIOs are facing today. And to overcome this challenge, they have started looking at reducing technical debt. Technical debt (also known as design or code debt) refers to the eventual consequences of poor 

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Apple Pay – An attempt to demystify Apple’s new service

When Apple announced Apple Pay as a service on September 9th, they mentioned a few key terms like secure element, tokens, one time unique number, device account number and dynamic security code. For the layman, this could mean that Apple has used the most advanced security technology in Apple Pay; but for the folks in 

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5 reasons why financial institutions should adopt dashboard technology

The financial services industry is feeling increased pressure as compliance and risk management needs steadily increase. Driving this pressure are the new federal banking regulations and the increasing dollar amount of regulatory fines. Financial institutions’ senior leadership is faced with new challenges around managing risk in addition to managing the amount of resources dedicated to 

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Impact of spreadsheets and manual processes on enterprise risk

Financial services firms are stuck in a tangled web of data and legacy systems. This model will not sustain today’s business environment, which is largely defined by new regulations and the changes firms need to make to comply. The industry is also challenged with low trading volumes, shortened settlement cycles, and traders looking to new 

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A hybrid approach to outsourcing: the role of close-proximity development centers

Offshoring and outsourcing service models are continuously evolving as service providers and clients mature. The inclusion of development centers that are in close proximity to client locations as part of the service model is becoming increasingly attractive as service providers adapt to the need to improve their collaboration with client stakeholders, while remaining cost-competitive through 

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