Large IT Programs

Opportunity lies all around: Two key tips to help you use Level 2 to improve your overall IT Service Management processes

A brief overview of terminology – when we refer to Level 1, we mean “the first level of support” – typically a service or helpdesk of some kind, designed to be the first point of contact a user can have with IT support. Often when organizations decide that they are going to “do” ITIL (a 

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A hybrid approach to outsourcing: the role of close-proximity development centers

Offshoring and outsourcing service models are continuously evolving as service providers and clients mature. The inclusion of development centers that are in close proximity to client locations as part of the service model is becoming increasingly attractive as service providers adapt to the need to improve their collaboration with client stakeholders, while remaining cost-competitive through 

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Avoiding 6 common pitfalls of large IT program management

Fortune 1000 IT departments are facing huge time and budget pressures from their business stakeholders to deliver faster, cheaper and better solutions. According to a recent study by Project Management Institute, organizations risk on an average $135 million for every billion dollars spent on projects due to deficient project and program management. As the findings 

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Managing Large Complex Business Transformation Programs – 6 Key Considerations for Customers and Suppliers

The majority of large IT programs are expected to deliver a business or process change. These are major change management initiatives that will alter the way an organization operates, including what work it performs, by whom, where and with what processes. However, it has been observed that most large IT projects are usually delayed and 

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