Driving Value for Clients in the age of Enterprise 2.0

The last few years of the millennium have seen old business models giving way to new ones. Customer needs are transitioning from those of pure consumption-oriented to those of convenience-oriented with the coming of age of the digital native. Organizations big and small are being affected by the onslaught of myriad of factors including enlightened 

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Next Generation Social Media: Aligning Business Processes to Social Intelligence – Part 2

In the first part of this series of post, we had discussed on how social media is rapidly gaining ground and extending its influence sphere. In continuation to the earlier post, this post will delve on the deepening influence of social media in an enterprise value chain, by aligning business process for social intelligence. Evolving 

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Next Generation Social Media: Aligning Business Processes to Social Intelligence – Part 1

The topic of social media is going through a major hype. There is so much buzz around social tools that everyone wants to be a part of this bandwagon. As enterprises try to catch up with the buzz, many companies are starting to realize that it is difficult to define tangible business outcomes around social 

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Actionable Web Analytics! Part-2

This is in continuation to previous blog post “Actionable Web Analytics part-1”, in which we discussed about web analytics and its benefits. In this post we will discuss some more benefits. 1.   Trial to non-trial conversion All the trial users can be effectively monitored by their application usage so that eventually they can be converted 

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Actionable Web Analytics! Part-1

Web analytics has evolved to become a serious business now. Gone are the days when web analytics was something you just added on to your application as an afterthought but today, it is considered a major feature that gets discussed up front in business circles when planning for a Web application and building a business 

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Defining the Purpose of the Operational Data Store

Lately there seems to be many organizations engaged in some type of data management or data warehousing initiative. These data warehousing initiatives include the major components such as the data warehouse, operational data store, data marts, ETL and business intelligence frameworks. However, while there is a common understanding as to what an operational data store 

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