Process Analysis – A logical approach

One of the key constituents of Business Process Management (BPM) initiative is Process Analysis. The exercise usually commences during pre-inception or inception phase of a project (considering RUP). The participants comprise of process analysts (some call them process engineers) working with subject matter experts (SMEs) and senior management executives. The goal (vastly simplified) is to 

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Application Rationalization – is it rational?

One would certainly categorize predictably ill-fated ventures as irrational.  Why would a rational individual undertake an initiative that is almost guaranteed to fail?  Is application rationalization one of those initiatives?  Perhaps it is and that is the reason John McCarthy used the word “courage” to describe the emotional trait necessary to pursue its goals. Recently, 

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Making an ERP System Agile: the BPM Way

ERP systems have long faced inflexibility and agility issues while addressing the process needs of an organization. BPM can play a catalytic role in making the ERP system more agile and flexible to the evolving and dynamic process requirements of organizations. Many BPM tools and systems have evolved with the objective of leveraging existing investments 

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Selecting the Right BPM Technology: Challenges & Approach

As organizations adopt Business Process Management (BPM) as a transformation initiative, they are faced with the challenge of choosing the right BPM technology/product.  This decision can be made at the Line of Business (LOB) level or at the enterprise level depending on the urgency and the intended level of adoption. After a major consolidation in 

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BPM Adoption – How to derive extended cost savings?

Recent research has shown that there is a marked increase in the move to outsourcing application development and maintenance of organisational applications. Computer Economics have found that based on an annual survey of 200 IT organisations, there has been a marked decrease in ‘in-house’ IT staff ratios for application programmers and system analysts. It has 

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