Pega and RPA: Top 5 quick ROI opportunities in healthcare automation

Pega’s acquisition of OpenSpan has triggered a lot of excitement among customers, competition and service providers. The acquisition has opened up a whole lot of avenues for overcoming the business challenges healthcare payers are facing today on account of mundane manual tasks and also due to use of multiple silo systems. These organizations, in their quest 

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Road to a mature business-driven BPM COE

As more and more organizations travel the BPM road, the journey leads to questions about achieving a greater rate of success leveraging BPM in business transformations.  BPM is no longer a workflow automation approach but a strategic discipline that is both powerful and transformative.  In that light, organizations are seeking ways to drive faster up 

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Connecting customer journey through BPM, enterprise solutions and digital technologies

Businesses today are driven under stiff competition with customer experience as the central focus. Thanks to the digital world, customers are more aware and open to numerous choices which are easily accessible – and they are just a click away! Hence, organizations are continuously challenged to think innovatively and deliver exceptionally to retain customer loyalty 

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Reimagining quality of BPM implementations for a great customer experience

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Forrester analyst, Clay Richardson, and Venkata Ramana Lanka (LRV), Senior Director and Solutions Leader within the Independent Software Quality practice at Virtusa. The webinar with the topic “Embrace change, ADOPT for success” we discussed on the need to reimagine the process of quality assurance and 

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Pega 7 upgrade: A journey worth taking

A leading financial information services provider was running Pega 6.2 for one of its biggest and most complex business functions. However, the application performance had degraded over time and the user interface code was also getting progressively obsolete, requiring significant changes to support a new browser version. Above all, the obsolete Pega version and the 

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Promising event, PegaWORLD 2015 is expected to reveal the way ahead in shaping Digital Enterprises

Establishing customer centric processes is a key business driver for organizations today. Business and IT leaders are increasingly focused on enabling their enterprises to engage their customers – creating avenues for next best interactions, transforming the way in which they engage customers while staying competitive & keeping costs down. Constantly changing customer landscapes, ever changing 

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