Swaminathan Guruvayurappan

Consultant - Specialist, Virtusa. Swaminathan is responsible for Cloud Automation and Infrastructure practice within the BFS Group of Virtusa. IMS Practice focus at working towards the future development of Infrastructure at all levels. Having six years of experience coupled with Networking and Cloud technologies, Swaminathan joined Virtusa from Veryx, where he was working in developing a Virtual Network Monitoring solution for Cloud providers. At Virtusa, he is responsible for developing a Cloud Automation solution by building a Cloud Controller aiming to provide a rapid infrastructure delivery, by accessing the best cloud providers and in house private clouds at various geographies. Beyond work, Swaminathan is a passionate writer and reader. He holds an MBA in International Business from Pondicherry University.

Posts by Swaminathan Guruvayurappan

The role of cloud and big data in unlocking value from IoT

When advanced powerful technologies are brought together, and their potential tapped the right way, business outcomes in terms of service delivery, cost, market extension, software maintenance can all take a significant leap. Cloud is a well-established technology continuously expanding it’s service areas and meeting ever-changing business challenges. On the other hand, big data has evolved 

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Cloud infrastructure is softer with software

In this digital age, disruption has become a continuum. Consumers’ needs and expectations have been rapidly evolving. It is imperative for companies to be agile with the way they operate to meet changing demands and shifting trends to sustain and succeed in a dynamic and competitive market. Robust infrastructure with powerful processors, next-gen capabilities and flexibility 

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