Sripathi Bhat Neelavar

Sripathi Bhat , Sr Director Virtusa has 25 years of industry experience across manufacturing, HIL, BFS. He has over 6+ years of solutioning and implementing BPM for various institutions. One of the large transformation BPM project implemented include New Business and Claims process for Golden Rule Insurance (UHG group company). Sripathi is currently contributing in all functions of IT service industry from Lead to Cash, optimizing the various delivery elements, bringing more operational efficiency, increased cost optimization and thus ensuring solution effectiveness. He is also directly contributing in creating new solutions using Pega platform leveraging multiple technologies and integration techniques. He holds bachelor degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from premier National Institute of Technology – (Calicut – India). Sripathi loves to go on long drives and explore new locations, simply take breaks, along with his wife and two daughters. He also keenly studies socio-economic growth parameters and development patterns across several countries.

Posts by Sripathi Bhat Neelavar

Workflow Automation in Manufacturing: Filling the gaps

Manufacturing is one of the mature industry mankind has nurtured over hundreds of years now. Just about 120 years ago, manufacturing transformed itself from cottage industry to large scale mass production factories thus spurring many economies into advanced industrial economies. This transformation called “mass manufacturing”, resulted in rapid enhancement in lifestyle, plentiful product availability. It 

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When to join the BPM bandwagon: Things for an organization to consider before making a decision

Many organizations that have implemented an ERP package or are currently in the process of consolidating their silo functional applications sometimes fail to appreciate the nuances of having BPM technology. Many times it is just the fact that there are too many vendors selling the “magic bullet” to improve the organization’s process efficiencies, resulting in 

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Why Release Manager is critical for avoiding BPM Implementation Risks

Unlike implementing package enterprise software like SAP or bespoke implementation using any of the 3G development tools, BPM implementation needs special techniques that are quite different from the former approaches. However, this situation should not be construed as an implementation roadblock. It is just that ensuring proper process will result in smooth implementation while not 

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BPM in 2011: Focus on Business Process Optimization

2011 is going to be a year of stabilization and optimization for many organizations that initiated BPM projects in 2010. Organizations that started the BPM journey will start looking at deriving real-time benefits of core principles on which most BPM tools today reside. These core principles are business process design, automation, tracking and monitoring. Organizations 

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Making an ERP System Agile: the BPM Way

ERP systems have long faced inflexibility and agility issues while addressing the process needs of an organization. BPM can play a catalytic role in making the ERP system more agile and flexible to the evolving and dynamic process requirements of organizations. Many BPM tools and systems have evolved with the objective of leveraging existing investments 

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