Key considerations for effective mobile testing

The World Quality Report mentions that “testing is becoming ever more critical as consumers expect a seamless end-user experience across multi-channel applications and devices in an ‘always-on’ world.” Mobile testing has no doubt exploded in the last four to five years with more users moving towards mobile. Users are very particular on the standards required 

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How to manage teams in a global delivery model

Global delivery model has changed the way IT services are delivered and been at the forefront of all organizations. Going forward, it will be the way of the world. The significant benefits include the ability to provide round the clock services, ensure business continuity, level the playing field through best-in-class consulting and finally provide key 

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9 tips to build an effective Test Center of Excellence (TCoE)

There is a science to building a Test Center of Excellence (TCoE). It involves various key steps such as customer buy-in, process orientation, enabling effective communication channels and reporting against critical success factors. Here are the 9 important tips to build an effective Test Center of Excellence. Get buy-in from the sponsor: When an organization 

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