Satya Das

Satya is a banking domain consultant with over 13 years of experience in retail banking – both business and IT. He had worked for different industry leading banking solutions and multiple clients across the world in retail banking transformations space. He holds a MBA degree from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar and Engineering degree from NIT, Rourkela. He writes blogs in banking domain and is an ardent cricket fan. He can be reached at: twitter: @satyasdas ; linkedin:

Posts by Satya Das

Why is API Banking inevitable? – A customer-centric exploration

The revised Payment Service Directive (PSD2), which, starting January 2018,  allows third parties to access banking data is a big boost towards the era of API (Application Programming Interface) banking that will claim bigger stature compared to how it exists today. Banks must delve into API banking as an opportunity rather than regard it as 

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Retail Banks and AI: An Easy Walkthrough or Rough Weather Ahead?

Terms like speech recognition, image recognition, gesture recognition, machine learning, and robotic process automation are gradually entering the traditional banking business lexicon. As a result, the data intensive banking industry is experiencing pressure to dive into the data pile it’s sitting on to uncover meaningful inferences about existing and prospect customers. The above terms are 

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Core Banking – A Reality Check Against Blockchain

On the advent of blockchain technology, core banking solutions within banks are going to face major challenges. The quintessential dimensions of core banking solutions such as defining and replicating products, processing transactions, and GL mapping and accounting are in danger of becoming obsolete due to the arrival of blockchain technology. It may take a lot 

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Core competency: A savvy map for transforming core banking solutions

For any bank, core banking systems (CBS) lie at the heart of operations: They play an instrumental role in processing transactions, updating balances, running batch jobs and interacting with interfaces. But with the advent of disruptive technologies, along with fickle customer preferences and overall regulatory changes, banks now tend to treat CBS as less important. 

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