Bala Vanum

Associate Architect, Cloud Practice, Virtusa. Bala Vanum is a DevOps and Cloud migration expert. Within Virtusa, he is responsible for helping the clients with architecting and building DevOps pipelines, automating infrastructure and application delivery and Cloud migrations.

Posts by Bala Vanum

Dow Jones DevOps Transformation

Dow Jones, a leading publishing and financial information firm in the world, had envisioned building a robust digital platform to distribute content that would help them reduce TCO and improve business efficiency. Dow Jones wanted to leverage agile DevOps methodologies to reduce time to market. Challenge Dow Jones greatly promotes the use of industry standard 

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News Corp DevOps Terraform Implementation

  News Corp, a leading media conglomerate, owns a number of world known companies and has multiple LOBs under their business portfolio. They developed a multi-year business transformation strategy with an objective to move majority of their infrastructure and applications across their subsidiaries and LOBs to the public cloud. Challenge News Corp’s subsidiaries and LOBs 

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