Amit Bhute

VP & Global Head – Payments Practice, Virtusa. Amit has over 15+ years of experience in the payments industry and has worked across the board for investment banks, corporate banks and retail banks all within the payments space leading large scale transformational projects. He is currently leading the payment practice at Virtusa and actively participates in various industry forums keeping a close eye on evolving trends and fintechs.

Posts by Amit Bhute

Whose Payments Platform is it Really?

I have been following the battle closely between Australian banks and ApplePay for quite some time. What’s really interesting to see is this battle actually has implications well beyond Australia. I still remember when ApplePay was first announced. US retailers banded together under MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange) to build their own payments solution CurrentC. CurrentC 

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Mobile Wallets Must Move Beyond Payments to Escape Infancy

A risk of card fraud and popularity of smartphones among various users has led to the emergence of “mobile wallet” solutions for point-of-sale (POS) and online shop payments. However, mobile wallets remain in a nascent stage until service providers can deliver value beyond just payments. Digital payment service providers are both competing aggressively and willing 

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