Adam Gabrault

Global Head of Mobile Solutions, Virtusa. Adam is a ten-year IT services veteran with a proven track record delivering enterprise-grade digital solutions for leading professional services organizations in the US, Europe and Australia. Adam has global responsibility for Virtusa’s mobile practice, and works with the mobile team to ensure client success through defining mobile strategy, designing, building and launching mobile apps across the Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Media & Diversified industries. Prior to joining Virutsa, Adam was Director, Delivery & Northeast PMO for Mobiquity and held leadership positions with APN Outdoor, Experian Data Quality, and Micros-Retail. He is a graduate of Wake Forest University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication & History. Adam enjoys spending time with his wife Emily and daughter, Reagan and 2 year old puppy, Ruger and traveling extensively throughout North America and Europe.

Posts by Adam Gabrault

Preparing for the Digital Workforce Revolution: How Digital Natives are driving the way we work for CSP’s

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Millennials became the largest group in the workforce in 2015. We discussed in our first blog how the Digital Native or Millennial generation is influencing market expectations and their influence is growing exponentially in the workplace as well. Digital Natives will represent nearly 75% of the workforce by 

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Serve the Customer, Serve Yourself – How CSP’s Can Achieve a Better Customer Experience?

Consider for a moment the most recent experience as a customer, whether it was picking up a cup of coffee on the way in to work, buying an airplane ticket online or connecting with a customer call center for support. Research demonstrates that consumers remember how a customer experience makes them feel, regardless of the 

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Change: The Constant CIOs Can Count On

We are the digital generation. Digital natives are a growing influence and here to stay. They are driving change and innovation at a pace unseen in generations past. They seek information via a single click or tap and demands frictionless engagement across all channels. Organizations must respond to this push by engaging this group whenever 

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The Sixth Wave of Innovation: Cognitive Computing in Insurance

The very nature of innovation is rapid change. Combined with market demands and supported by an environment fertile for change, the path is paved for disruptive technologies. The past 75 years have seen six waves of technology innovation, beginning with the era of mainframes back in the 60’s, followed by the advent of personal computers. 

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Driving enterprise mobile initiatives with a strong partner ecosystem

Today we see the chaotic, yet exciting, shift in digital transformation. Enterprises are understanding that mobile solutions are key to transforming their customer and enterprise engagement.  They are understanding because they see the mobile movement happening. So why do we talk about the Mobile movement?  We all have heard “the year of Mobile”, in years 

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The rise of Virtual Agents: Time to automate, personalize and contextualize customer experience

In most industries, there has been a lot of talk about Virtual Agents and their role in enhancing customer service. Virtual agents are software programs that enable automated, contextual conversations with customers. At a basic level, Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven Virtual Agents can be suitable alternatives to staff taking up customer calls. No doubt these 

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