Landing Zone: A Starting Point for Cloud Migration Journey

A sound governance and operational model is key to successful cloud migration. However, most enterprises do not pay attention to this factor, leading to longer migration cycles, higher cross-team interdependencies, and increasing operating costs.

Building a landing zone is therefore, a starting point to meet the needs for cloud factory migration, which incorporates best practices followed for operating and governance models.

So, what is a landing zone?

Landing zone is a configured environment with standard set of secured cloud infrastructure, policies, best practices, guidelines, and centrally managed services. It is the first step in the cloud migration journey for a factory model application.

Some considerations for building the landing zone include strategies –

  • AWS account creation – As accounts provide segregation at a high level, we need to define the number of accounts that need to be created. Base the creation of accounts on line of businesses, compliance, environment etc., within the organization.
  • Network configurations – Strategize the creation of networks within the account, VPCs required per account, connectivity between on premise and cloud.
  • Security – Build foundational pieces for identity and access management to identify individual roles and responsibilities. Standardize hardened machine images, build security policies, robust network monitoring, and log analytics.
  • Automation – Automating the infrastructure creation, standard policies for security, governance and cost optimization would help improve security, enhance management, and reduce cost

Building a landing zone offers key benefits such as:

  • Reduced manual effort, improved quality and faster service delivery
  • Enhanced scalability, security and governance
  • Increased network resilience & performance
  • Reduced operational cloud cost
  • Greater operational rigor through shared service model
  • Higher agility through well-defined operating model

For a successful application migration to cloud, strategizing and implementing a landing zone is therefore the starting point.

Gaurav Seth

Director – Cloud Technology, Virtusa, Gaurav is a technical leader with over 20 years of experience in leading large scale, mission critical projects and program initiatives in domains of Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Banking, Retail, Content Management. In his current role, Gaurav is a Lead Enterprise Architect for a large scale Cloud Transformation and Cloud Migration program for a large media company. He is responsible for leading the engagement to provide cost effective, secure, highly available, reliable solution in cloud. He also works closely with our cloud partners, AWS (Amazon Web Services) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) for delivering cloud solutions. Gaurav hold his Bachelors in Engineering from Gulbarga University and received his M.S. (Software Systems) from BITS Pilani.

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