Partnerships delivering seamless Telecom customer experiences

The transformational journey from ‘How may I help you?’ to ‘I am here to help you!’ has become the major outcome for companies focused on personalized customer service as the main differentiator in the present experience driven ecosystem.

The ecosystem has become more dependent on technology than ever, making this world of inter-connected devices and consumer friendly communications technology an essential part of life. With staggering numbers like 7 billion active mobile devices and 250 million M2M connections worldwide, the growth of the industry has been phenomenal. But the journey has never been smooth.  The Telecom industry has been constantly challenged to continuously evolve their customer strategies to meet consumers’ changing needs and behaviors towards brand loyalty.

Brand Loyalty?

In the over-crowded marketplace of Telecom with too many service providers and indistinguishable service features, customers can easily transfer their allegiance to the brand that understands them best. Telecom companies must create a ‘differential customer experience’ to gain from this cutthroat competition, both by focusing on the churned customers from competitors and regaining lost customer relationships of their own.

Nice to meet you, Customer 3.0

As demographics shift, so do expectations. Millennials have grown up in a technology-accelerated world and they expect a faster, mobile-first, personalized experience. To pacify their digital needs, today’s Telecom service providers have utilized a range of customer service mediums from web and mobile self-service portals to digital agents on the phone.

In a recent study by IBM Big Data and Analytics Hub, 82% of the respondents felt that for them the superior customer experience was driven by ‘quick’ response and resolution time. In today’s always-on reality, the company has to deliver at the right time, in the right place, with the right messaging. Here comes the importance of an omni-channel presence and developing customer insights to focus on more personalized features and ease of service. So next time, Mr. X calls up the contact center of the vendor, he wants the person at the other end to have prior knowledge about the problem he is facing and then assure him with their personalized expertise.

How VirtusaPolaris,  Amdocs and Adobe have partnered to deliver compelling experiences

Amdocs, the market leader in customer experience software solutions and services brings with it the revolutionary platform like Multi-Channel Self Service (MCSS), a solution that fully integrates with your billing and CRM platforms, enabling cross-channel customer journeys with integrating impressive shopping and account maintenance experience.

As said by Vincent Rousselet, Vice President – Insights & Strategy at Amdocs “At Amdocs, when we think about Digital Dimensions, we envision a service provider ecosystem that offers an omni-channel experience for customers.”

On the other side, VirtusaPolaris’ Digital expertise integrating with platforms such as Amdocs MCSS and the Adobe Marketing Cloud, has become instrumental in tackling the problems related to Telecom sector and redefining their customer experience journeys. So whether it be improving the RFT by 98% for a service assurance process or growing the sales through digital channels to 70% and beyond, VirtusaPolaris has been successful in designing the best solutions for the Telecom. Our successful practices have been recognized by both the partners – Amdocs recently named VirtusaPolaris as the Best SI Partner in the Digital Domain and Adobe awarded VirtusaPolaris’ Experience Manager LaunchPad with their 2015 Innovation Award.

Bottomline, going for the right technology vendors can significantly help telecom players to reduce care costs, deliver more personalized experiences to their customers, generate higher sales, and ensure a happier customer. In some ways, the “VirtusaPolaris– Amdocs – Adobe” partnership has been able to effectively enable the Telecom players in this experience driven economy!


Gary L. Wilson

At Virtusa, Gary Wilson is a Client Partner responsible for Communication Providers in North America. Providing senior level consultation to the industry’s leading executives, he brings a broad and deep range of experience across Wireless, Broadband and Digital Entertainment business processes and systems. For close to thirty years, Gary has assisted telecom and cable companies across the globe to improve revenues and decrease costs. As an IT consultant, he has always focused on the customer experience – first by facilitating agent conversations with bespoke ordering platforms, then through easy to read bill formats, to modern CRM and mobile first web portals. Virtusa leverages this diversity of experience and depth of communications knowledge in its most innovative programs. Gary earned his Masters of Business Administration at Xavier University, and his bachelor’s degree in Information Systems at the University of Cincinnati. Gary has continued support for his alma maters – as IT student mentor and enrollment ambassador at Xavier and as a member of the IT Advisory Board at the University of Cincinnati. Gary resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his family. When not traveling in support of Virtusa clients, he enjoys outdoor activities including trail rides and sporting clays. He is also an avid reader and very amateur musician.

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